York is a county town of Yorkshire, located at a 24 (48 mins) miles distance from Leeds and 208.7 (4h 3mins) miles away from London. The city steeped in beauty, architecture and anciency, hence an exceptional landmark to live a joyful life. York is a vibrant city full of fascination and adventure, there are a series of hot spas and bistros for your leisure and refreshment.

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1. YORK MINISTER (Book a Taxi)

Delve into York’s world-class 2000 year old Sanctuary with stone masterpieces and bases dating back to the medieval stained-glass windows and the oldest history of the country. The vast spaces of York Minster come to life with the sanctity and tradition of worship and heavenly music, but at the same time you can find great treasures, unexpected dates, and quiet quarters that inspire humanity. Look for the best view of York after 275 steps climbing the Central Tower to take you to the highest point of the city.

Throughout the year, there is also a program of great special events such as performances by the Minster Choir, one of England’s most important choirs, and family fun activities.

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The trip to York will not be completed without going to the National Railway Museum. The unique collection of primates iconic locomotive engineering and innovation in the House of the Museum Railway celebrate past, present and future.  Looking at the huge face Approach the rails, including Mallard, the world’s fastest steam locomotive. Hop on the Japanese high-speed train, learn how the high-speed train starts, and take a journey through time to experience the working life of a station and a lot more. Travel in miniature trends and try our family fun explosive scientific shows and fun activities during the school holidays.

York Countess: An exquisite gastronomic experience Century restored train luxury train journey play with us in a beautifully designed environment, our transport, enjoying a rich decoration surrounded with Countess York winning traditional English afternoon tea. Try delicious sandwiches, sophisticated herbal teas and delicious homemade cakes with the finest Yorkshire produce.

3. THE DEEP (Book a Taxi)

In the center of Hull, with easy access and parking, you can enjoy over 3,500 fish, including spectacular sharks and stingrays, and a penguin colony. Travel through the history of the oceans and travel with a blend of marine life typical of the cold Antarctic Sea and warm tropical waters. Enjoy entertaining and educational interactive and audiovisual presentations of your journey of discovery. Watch the divers and divers who feed the small inhabitants of the Amazon underwater and the Dalmatian lagoon and the rays of the infinite ocean (Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14:00, Tuesdays and Thursdays dives) or divers. Stop near the lagoon in Dylan’s Discovery Corner and discover some of the small native species on the coast of England. Participate in half-hour touch screen sessions during the day and work with smaller animals such as starfish and sea chestnuts. Guides give more information about the dangers to these species and habitats, while guides are fed by the penguins at 11.30 and 3.30pm by hand, which is very important in the Cold Ice Kingdom. Take a walk in the submarine observation tunnel and marvel at the beautiful marine life by swimming everywhere before boarding the bubble lift along the 10-meter Endless Ocean exhibit. Keep your eyes peek behind the scenes! Before you go home, be sure to visit the deep with Yorkcars-Taxis for a safe journey

York is a city with a wide range of history, but one lesser-known aspect of the city’s history is its connection with the chocolate industry. The wealth of other cities in northern steel, while built on charcoal and wool, York fame and wealth, held over chocolate for 300 years thanks to the vision and inventions made no mention of the large family of entrepreneurs, the commitment of industry and people. It is responsible for three chocolate dynasties to turn York into England’s chocolate house. These are the names they are familiar with over time: Rowntree, Terry’s and Cravens. In York’s Chocolate Hike, you’ll discover the stories behind the biggest chocolate names in England, the secrets of chocolate making and even the art of chocolate. The famous brands KitKat, Aero and Terry such as Chocolate Orange are unique in the historic city of York. A full tour and three interactive exploration plans take you on a journey through the city of chocolate history. Although it has changed a lot over the centuries, York chocolate storey is the chocolate house in the UK.


Experience the best driving experience and go back to AD960; Jorvik’s last Viking king, Eric Bloodaxe, has been deported and the city is being converted. Discovering the influence of Viking Age York on international trade, including the development of a multicultural society in this city, is not just the commercial products of people from around the world, but Jorvik!After a recent upgrade you will have the opportunity to explore the history of the Vikings in York using the latest technology from the center.